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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Parts 1-6 Complete Manga Set (37 Volumes)

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Parts 1-6 Complete Manga Set (37 Volumes)

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Language: English

Embark on an unparalleled journey through JoJo's Bizarre Adventure as you traverse five captivating parts filled with a unique blend of supernatural abilities, intense battles, and a legacy spanning generations.

Part 1: Phantom Blood In the shadows of Victorian England, "Phantom Blood" introduces us to Jonathan Joestar, whose life takes a fateful turn when he meets Dio Brando, a sinister figure who seeks power through a mysterious stone mask. A tale of rivalry, vampire lineage, and destiny unfolds as Jonathan and Dio clash in an epic struggle that spans generations, laying the foundation for the Joestar family's enduring legacy.

Part 2: Battle Tendency Time leaps forward, and we follow Joseph Joestar, Jonathan's grandson, as he confronts ancient Aztec super-beings and a newfound power known as "Hamon." In "Battle Tendency," Joseph races against time to thwart the villainous Pillar Men's quest for ultimate power and save humanity from their malevolent grasp.

Part 3: Stardust Crusaders Set in the late 1980s, "Stardust Crusaders" introduces Jotaro Kujo and his group of Stand users as they embark on a global journey to save Jotaro's mother from an otherworldly curse. Stands, unique psychic manifestations, add a new layer of complexity to the battles as Jotaro's group confronts a powerful adversary - Dio, who has returned with his own Stand, "The World."

Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable The stage shifts to the picturesque town of Morioh, where Josuke Higashikata, Jotaro's nephew, investigates the emergence of Stand users and a series of bizarre occurrences. "Diamond is Unbreakable" explores the dynamics of a small community and introduces creative Stand abilities in a quest to uncover the truth behind the chaos.

Part 5: Vento Aureo (Golden Wind) "Vento Aureo" takes us to Italy as we follow Giorno Giovanna, Dio's secret son, and his ambitious quest to rise within the ranks of the Neapolitan mafia and cleanse it of corruption. Giorno's Stand, "Gold Experience," propels him into a world of treacherous battles and shifting allegiances, ultimately leading to a confrontation that could reshape the criminal underworld.

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