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Deadman Wonderland Volumes 1-13 Complete Manga Set

Deadman Wonderland Volumes 1-13 Complete Manga Set

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Language: English

In Deadman Wonderland, Ganta Igarashi's life takes a nightmarish turn when his entire class is brutally massacred by a mysterious "Red Man." Framed for the crime, Ganta is sentenced to the twisted amusement park-like prison known as Deadman Wonderland, where inmates participate in life-threatening games to earn "Casts," the currency for survival.

Amid the cruel reality of the prison, Ganta discovers he possesses a unique ability called the Branches of Sin, allowing him to control his blood as a weapon. He's drawn into the dangerous world of Deadmen, inmates with similar abilities who participate in death matches for the amusement of the public. As Ganta navigates the complex power dynamics, he seeks answers about the Red Man, his classmates' murder, and the true purpose of Deadman Wonderland.

The series explores themes of survival, corruption, and the blurred lines between justice and sadistic entertainment. As Ganta forms alliances, confronts enemies, and uncovers shocking truths, he battles for his life and sanity in a dystopian world of twisted games and deadly secrets.

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