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Tokyo Ghoul Manga Box Sets

The complete Manga box set of Tokyo Ghoul, is available to UK fans in these exclusive box sets in our online store. This popular Manga horror fantasy story arc follows an ordinary student as he navigates two very different worlds. Protagonist Ken Kaneki is a university student living in a version of Tokyo where people and flesh-eating ghouls live alongside each other. After being attacked by a ghoul and becoming one, Ken is caught in the middle of violent feuds between ghouls and humans and is faced with a level of violence and hate that he has never encountered before. Tokyo Ghoul Manga profoundly explores the themes of identity, and human nature. The author, Sui Ishida is highly skilled at building alternative worlds in a realistic and vivid way, bringing it to life with expressive and dramatic cartoon drawings.

Originally serialised in Weekly Young Jump from 2011 to 2014, Tokyo Ghoul has been adapted into a range of media that has captivated Manga fans across the UK and the rest of the world. Get the complete Tokyo Ghoul Manga box set at incredible prices in our online store, to be delivered wherever you are in the UK.

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