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Tokyo Ghoul & Tokyo Ghoul Re Complete Box Sets: Includes volumes 1-30 with premium

Tokyo Ghoul & Tokyo Ghoul Re Complete Box Sets: Includes volumes 1-30 with premium

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The Tokyo Ghoul Box Set includes all 14 volumes of the original Tokyo Ghoul series, allowing you to dive into the thrilling and dark world of ghouls. Follow the journey of Ken Kaneki as he grapples with his newfound ghoul powers and tries to find his place in a society where humans and ghouls are at odds. Experience the intense action, intricate storytelling, and compelling characters that have made Tokyo Ghoul a beloved manga series.

The Tokyo Ghoul:re Box Set, on the other hand, includes all 16 volumes of the sequel series Tokyo Ghoul:re. Set years after the events of Tokyo Ghoul, this continuation delves deeper into the conflict between ghouls and humans. Join Haise Sasaki and the Quinx Squad as they navigate the treacherous world of ghouls, uncover dark secrets, and face challenging moral dilemmas. Tokyo Ghoul:re offers a fresh perspective and expands upon the complex mythology established in the original series.

Both box sets provide a comprehensive collection of the Tokyo Ghoul saga, allowing readers to follow the entire story from beginning to end. Immerse yourself in the rich and haunting narrative, explore the complex themes of identity and morality, and witness the stunning artwork that brings the world of Tokyo Ghoul to life.

Whether you're a longtime fan or new to the series, the Tokyo Ghoul Box Set and Tokyo Ghoul:re Box Set are perfect additions to your manga collection, offering hours of captivating reading and an unforgettable journey through the shadowy streets of Tokyo.

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