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The Walking Dead Compendiums 1-4 Complete Comic Set

The Walking Dead Compendiums 1-4 Complete Comic Set

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Language: English

Compendium 1: Follow Rick Grimes and a group of survivors as they navigate a zombie-infested world. This compendium collects the first 48 issues, delivering a gripping tale of survival, community, and moral dilemmas.

Compendium 2: Continue the journey with Rick's group as they face new threats and challenges in a post-apocalyptic world. Compendium 2 includes issues 49 to 96, showcasing their struggle for stability and humanity.

Compendium 3: Experience the intensifying conflicts and betrayals as Rick's group encounters other survivors. Collecting issues 97 to 144, Compendium 3 explores the fragile nature of trust in a world filled with dangers.

Compendium 4: Conclude the epic saga with issues 145 to 193, witnessing the ultimate showdowns and the indomitable human spirit in the face of relentless adversity. 'The Walking Dead' reaches its gripping finale in Compendium 4.

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