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Claymore Complete Box Set: Volumes 1-27 with Premium

Claymore Complete Box Set: Volumes 1-27 with Premium

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Language: English

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of dark fantasy with the complete best-selling series, now available in a value-priced box set! Journey through all 27 volumes of this epic saga and witness the battle between humans and the monstrous Yoma.

In a world plagued by the presence of Yoma, creatures that prey on unsuspecting humans and hide among them in disguise, humanity's survival hinges on a new breed of warriors known as Claymores. These silver-eyed slayers are half human, half monster, harnessing supernatural strength to combat the Yoma threat. However, their power comes at a cost—the constant struggle to resist their own savage impulses and retain their humanity.

Join these extraordinary warriors as they face immense challenges and grapple with their inner demons. The Claymores must navigate a treacherous path, fighting against their own monstrous nature while protecting humanity from the insidious Yoma menace. Experience a dark and compelling tale of sacrifice, redemption, and the fragile balance between humanity and the supernatural.

This value-priced box set also includes an exclusive booklet featuring black-and-white cover art that was previously unreleased in the English editions. Dive deeper into the intricate world of Claymores and behold the stunning visuals that bring this dark fantasy realm to life.

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable journey as you delve into this best-selling series that has captivated readers with its intense action, complex characters, and intricate storytelling. Discover why Claymore has become a beloved masterpiece in the realm of dark fantasy.

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