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Bleach Box Set 2: Volumes 22-48 with Premium

Bleach Box Set 2: Volumes 22-48 with Premium

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Get ready for the thrilling continuation of the Bleach series with the second Bleach Box Set. This exceptional collection includes volumes 22-48, immersing you in the captivating story of Ichigo and his friends. As an exclusive bonus, the box set also features a mini-comic containing the pilot story of the series and a vibrant, full-color, double-sided poster.

Having successfully rescued their comrade Rukia, Ichigo and his companions return to their ordinary lives in the realm of the living. However, their peaceful existence is short-lived as a new wave of enemies emerges from the treacherous world of the Hollows. The formidable Aizen makes his return, and it becomes clear that Ichigo may be the only one capable of putting an end to his nefarious plans once and for all.

Prepare for intense battles, surprising twists, and heart-stopping confrontations as Ichigo and his friends confront their most dangerous adversaries yet. With the fate of their world hanging in the balance, Ichigo's incredible powers and unwavering determination will be put to the ultimate test.

Experience the gripping continuation of Bleach, a series renowned for its action-packed storytelling and rich character development. This second box set will transport you into a realm where the line between the living and the supernatural blurs, and where the destiny of our heroes will be decided.

Don't miss out on this must-have collection that takes you deeper into the captivating world of Bleach, filled with epic battles, intricate plotlines, and a cast of unforgettable characters.

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