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Black Bird Complete Box Set

Black Bird Complete Box Set

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Language: English

Discover the enchanting world of myth and magic that intertwines with our own in this extraordinary box set. Featuring volumes 1-18, encompassing the entire series, this collection is a must-have for manga enthusiasts. Not only does it provide substantial savings compared to purchasing each volume individually, but it also includes an exclusive premium art book that will ignite the passions of any fan.

Enter the captivating story of Misao Harada, a unique individual with the ability to perceive the magical realms that exist alongside our reality. Despite her extraordinary powers, Misao longs for a normal high school life and the chance to find romance. However, fate has different plans for her, as she is the fated bride of a powerful demon prophecy. Her blood bestows incredible abilities, while her flesh offers immortality. Now, the demon realm engages in a fierce battle for the right to claim her hand... or her life.

Embark on a journey filled with thrilling twists and turns as Misao navigates her destiny, torn between the forces of darkness and her desire for a normal existence. This box set immerses you in an unforgettable tale of love, sacrifice, and the clash between two realms.

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